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BASF Ultrafuse® Support Layer Filament - Support Material for the Ultrafuse Metal Filaments

BASF Ultrafuse® Support Layer filament developed to be used in combination with Ultrafuse® Metal Filaments. When printed between support and the object, it creates a barrier during sintering and facilitates the separation of support from the metal part. Ultrafuse® Support Layer is not developed to print stand-alone parts and should be printed as a layer attached to the support structures in dual extrusion prints.

Ultrafuse® Support Layer benefits at a glance 

  • Ultrafuse® Support Layer is uniquely designed for FFF printing of Ultrafuse® 316L and 17-4PH filaments  and prevents the support from sintering to the printed part
  • Printable on any metal FFF printer*
  • Allows for a wider range of designs and complex geometries to be printed
  • Excellent surface quality of supported areas of the part
  • Minimize the distortion of the printed part during debinding and sintering
  • Simplified workflow for preparing parts for sintering
* A hardened, coated or ruby nozzle is recommended for printing
Support Layer
Printing Temperature
245 -260°C
Interface Thickness
0,2 - 0,45 mm
Printing Speed
15-20 mm/s
Minimum Support XY Distance
1 mm
Special Arrangements
A hardened, coated or ruby nozzle is recommended for printing



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