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Wax Castable

Liqcreate Wax Castable is a wax-based resin, perfect for manufacturing jewelry, dental and industrial parts using the direct investment casting method.

Liqcreate Wax Castable is easy to use on all open source LCD/MSLA, DLP and laser based 3D-printers in the range of 385 – 420nm. 3D-printed parts from this material captures intricate features and show crisp details. This wax-based material offers smooth surfaces with clean burnout for a reliable casting process. Create custom made elegant organic geometries according to your preferences with excellent casting for positive and negative engravings.


Wax Castable casting resin for LCD / MSLA DLP and laser based 3D printers clean and ash free burnout Wax Castable casting resin for LCD / MSLA DLP and laser based 3D printers clean and ash free burnout High accuracy

Clean & ash free


High precision


Technical specifications

Polymer properties
Mechanical PropertiesUV post-curing
DescriptionASTM MethodMetricImperial
Flexural Strength D790M 33 MPa 4.8 ksi
Flexural modulus D2240 1.1 GPa 160 ksi
IZOD Impact (notched) D256A n/a n/a
Shore D Hardness D2240 77 77
Water sorption D570-98 0.28% 0.28%
Tg D7028 n/a n/a


Liquid Properties
DescriptionASTM Method
Appearance Blue liquid
Viscosity 700 cps at 25°C
Density 1.18 g/cm3
Ec 7.31 mJ/cm2
Dp metric 0.29 mm
Dp imperial 11.42 mils


Hazard statements on CLP product label
H315: Causes skin irritation.
H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction.
H319: Causes serious eye irritation.
H412: Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.



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