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BuildTak 3D Print Surface - 203 x 203 mm

BuildTak - 3D print coating for improved adhesion and less warping

BuildTak consists of a thin, durable plastic plate. It adheres to the 3D print platform of your FDM / FFF (Fusion Deposition Modeling) 3D printer. It also provides an ideal coating for your 3D printing platform. Furthermore, BuildTak replaces the need to use blue paint tape and polyimide films such as Kapton Tape. BuildTak is made of high quality, heat resistant output components and offers you a very stable 3D printing surface. Your masterpieces can easily adhere to the surface. After finishing 3D printing, you can remove your finished parts easily and cleanly.


Surface for ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET+, TPE and other filaments:

  • Works with ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET+, Brick, Wood & Flexible (TPE) and other materials
  • Faster and easier application than paint tape or adhesives
  • Protects your building platform
  • Heat resistant, lasts long and can be changed without changes
  • Strong adhesion of your 3D prints on the building platform – Less warping" width="560" style="box-sizing: border-box;">

BuildTak offers you the following advantages

The plate works perfectly with ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET+, Brick, Wood & Flexible (TPE) and other filaments without you having to change the surface. BuildTak no longer requires pre-treatment with lacquers or acetone slurry!

It allows you an easy application on the blank 3D printing bed and a clean removal of your finished components completely without adhesive residues.

The durability and optimal care can last for hours and at the same time offers you an extended protection of the surface of the original 3D printing bed.

Creates an optimal connection between your 3D print object and the installation space surface during the entire 3D printing process while preventing warping. Once the work is complete, the 3D print object can be cleanly removed with minimal effort.

BuildTak consists of a patent-pending heat-resistant material composition. It is designed to withstand the typical 3D printing temperatures. Simply use it on your heated printing bed (e.g. at 110 -125 ° C). BuildTak is flame retardant.

BuildTak simply works!

Work with ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET+,Brick, Wood & Flexible (TPE)

Works with ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET+, Brick, Wood & Flexible (TPE) filaments. In addition, we have successfully bonded nylon and T-glass (PETT) with a thin layer of washable adhesive on the BuildTak surface.

It is much easier to install than common tapes or films and with less risk of blistering.

Protects the surface of your building platform

Heat-resistant and durable, it can be reused for many consecutive 3D prints. You can use different filaments with different materials without having to change the 3D printing surface.

Create an optimal connection between the 3D print object and the building platform. This significantly increases the likelihood that your object will be held in place throughout the 3D printing process. After the manufacturing process, the object is then easily removed from the design surface.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is BuildTak?

BuildTak is an ideal 3D printing surface for your FFF / FDM / Fusion Layer 3D printer. It offers you a better alternative to using tapes or heat resistant foils (e.g. Kapton) on the build platform of your FFF / FDM 3D printer. BuildTak consists of a patented material. The 3D printing plate has a heat-resistant adhesive backing so you can easily attach it to your build platform.

Why BuildTak is superior to paint tapes, BlueTape, and heat-resistant films

If you've already used paint tape, BlueTape or Kapton, you'll find that BuildTak boards are much stiffer. You can therefore install them much more easily or apply them to the bare building platform. With a high probability, they will throw much fewer bubbles.

How to protect your build platform with BuildTak

BuildTak technology is inherently durable. It effectively protects your build platform and when used properly, it lasts longer than the usual cycle time of Kapton or BlueTapes.

Reduce warping and increase the adhesion of your 3D prints

Usually no special treatment or tricks (use of hairspray, acetone slurry, printing plates, etc.) are required to increase adhesion. Once you have completed the critical process step of adjusting the nozzle height, BuildTak will work. Our experience has shown that 3D printed objects adhere firmly to the building surface throughout the manufacturing process. This reduces the risk of warping. Once your 3D prints are ready, you can remove the part easily, quickly, and without destroying it. This is much faster than you are used to.

Better adhesion for PLA and ABS

BuildTak works for both ABS and PLA. If you use your 3D printer with multiple materials, you can simply leave BuildTak on your platform. This will save you time. Even strong heated pressure beds are no problem. BuildTak is made of high-quality raw materials and is designed to withstand the high temperatures of a conventional FFF / FDM 3D printer (e.g. 110 - 125 ° C heated 3D printing bed).

When you're ready to replace the BuildTak board, it will come off easily and in one piece, leaving no glue residue.

How do I use BuildTak?

1. Wipe your bare build platform and make sure it is clean and free of dirt

2. Cut the BuildTak board to the size of your building board (if this is not already the case)

3. Remove the white backing paper and attach the BuildTak sheet to your bare building board. Start on one side of the build platform and work your way slowly to the other side. Use your credit card or a sticker applicator to branch it on.

4. Now recalibrate your building platform. The nozzle height should be set correctly to the approximate thickness of a standard paper. The key to a successful BuildTak application is a flat 3D print bed and the correct nozzle height!

What are the best practices to ensure the longevity of BuildTak?

We recommend using a spatula with smooth or rounded corners. Avoid using objects with sharp edges or corners that will accelerate the wear of your BuildTak board. Never use sharp solvents such as acetone for cleaning. You can only use water or alcohol for cleaning.

Always make sure that the nozzle of your FFF-3D printer is leveled and not in direct contact with the BuildTak plate. It is recommended that you set the nozzle height to at least the thickness of a standard paper. If you are trying to achieve an optimal nozzle height, it is better to start at a greater distance, start a test 3D print, and simply reduce the nozzle height in several steps until the test prints are finally stuck.

Why don't my 3D prints stick to BuildTak?

With these flaws, your 3D prints usually don't stick to your build platform. Usually, the extruder die is too far away from the BuildTak plate. Reduce the distance and your 3D print quality will improve. Another reason may be that your BuildTak coating has been damaged by aggressive cleaning or mechanical force.

Why do my 3D prints adhere too well to BuildTak?

This can happen if your nozzle is too close to the BuildTak plate. Slightly increase the height of the nozzle and make sure your 3D printing bed is leveled. Test your settings before you perform your first real 3D print. Please note that a heated build plate is not required to produce with PLA or remove parts manufactured with PLA.

What materials work with BuildTak?

BuildTak works with ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET +, Brick, Wood & Flexible (TPE) filaments. In addition, nylon and T-glass (PETT) have already been 3D-printed with a thin layer of washable adhesive on the BuildTak surface.

Buy BuildTak and benefit from improved adhesion and less warping of your 3D prints.



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